On 14th February 1968, the first meeting of the Holmer Green Sports Association was held under the Chairmanship of Keith Prout.

HGSA was the brainchild of three Holmer Green Cricket Club members, the late Clarrie Haynes, Tony Hind and Derek Harding, both of who have since left the village.

In the mid-60’s the three men came up with the idea of finding a new home for football and cricket in the village which up until then used facilities attached to the Bat and Ball pub and shared the village green with other activities, including the visiting Fair.

After being offered a field on the outskirts of the village by Great Missenden Parish Council, a public meeting in the Village Hall backed the idea of finding a new home for local sporting activities with improved facilities in 1967 and things really started moving.

A committee was formed and the first meeting was held in the home of former HGSA groundsman Don Want, who sadly passed away in 2022.

After the first secretary failed to turn up for the second meeting, Don took over the post temporarily at the start of his first 18 years as a member of the HGSA committee.

Fundraising started in earnest – events included the arrival of the first hot air balloon in the village, plus numerous fetes – and following the appointment of hard working Rita Paterson as HGSA secretary, who obtained a number of grants, enough cash was raised to build the first pavilion on the site.

The first team to play on the ‘field’ was a boy’s soccer team, but the local Hockey Club, which had men’s and ladies teams soon joined them.

After the cricket square was laid and Holmer Green Cricket Club started playing on the site, the growing HGSA was offered a second field to complete the site and that’s when local football teams joined the Association. Over the years football teams have been added and operated independently but HGFC are today “one club” incorporating Seniors, Old Boys, Youth and Junior Boys and Girls Teams.

As membership and the potential of the HGSA continued to grow it was decided to extend the original pavilion by building all around it, extending the bar area and adding changing rooms. Local craftsmen and builders offered to do the work for nothing, with residents offering a helping hand with the labouring.

When the extensions were complete it was agreed to add Squash Courts to the main pavilion. Despite some opposition to the design of the courts the work went ahead because many committee members were persuaded that squash was a game of the future that would “generate a lot of cash for the club.”

In recent years, the club has added floodlights and a stand to the main soccer pitch and in 2002 an all-weather Bowling Green.

A local music club, meeting twice a month, called Dusty’s was looking for a permanent home back in 2000 and after several years of working successfully with the HGSA was incorporated as the Music Section in 2007.

In 2008, the HGSA 40th anniversary, a major contribution of time, money and skill from the members saw the refurbishment of the Members Bar and the creation of the Patio Terrace which carries on the traditions of the development of the HGSA.

Now we are over 50 years old, we have further plans to improve and develop the facilities we can offer.
In 2022 the changing rooms had an upgrade and new furniture and air conditioning system were purchased and 2 Padel Tennis courts were erected.

For 2024 our focus is on achieving a 3G pitch which will be an incredible facility for the local community to have and use. With the support of The Football Foundation and other funding bodies, plus the support of the local community we hope that this will be installed by the end of this year.

Beyond 2024, we would really like to be able to re-surface our car park as it is now showing vast signs of wear. However, this will be very costly to achieve (in the region of £100K) and so we hope that we can get the local community involved in assisting us to achieve this goal. 

An upgrade of the back bar would also be on our wish-list if funding allowed.