Short Mat Bowls – inside and outside!

Holmer Green Short Mat Bowls Club

Our Short Mat Bowls Club was founded in 1989  as a ‘playing section’ of Holmer Green Sports Association (HGSA), Watchet Lane.  These 30 years as a founder member of the Bowls Section I have been actively involved in the clubs activities and very much enjoyed being part of both HGSA and bowls.

This form of bowls is very similar to the bowls you see in the summer on outside grass rinks but our rinks are shorter (45 feet) and an 18″ block situated in the centre of the mat to deter heavy bowling in an inside environment.

In the winter period we roll out a mat on a Tuesday evening in the main hall of the pavilion, but from Spring to Autumn we play on three permanent outside Short Mat Bowls rinks which were built in 2002 and which we believe the complex is the only one of its kind in the world.  Regular sessions are held on Thursday afternoons 2PM and Sunday mornings 10.30AM

Most Short Mat Bowls Clubs in Bucks are affiliated to the Bucks SMB Association which organises league matches with other villages in the county to which we participate and get to play other teams.

In July we hold a popular all day tournament consisting of 15 teams from other teams in Bucks, but Holmer Green has yet to win this prestigious trophy.  Hopefully 2019 will be our year.

If you feel like you may be interested please have a chat with our Chairman – Bob Day on 01494 712284

Richard Ransley – Holmer Green Bowls Secretary – 01494 712833



The Club hold regular “roll-ups” at the following times:

Inside (All year around) Tuesday evening. 7.30pm to 11pm.
Outside (April-November) Thursday afternoon 2pm to 4pm
Sunday morning 10am to Noon
We are always pleased to see potential new members and welcome them to come along to one of the above roll-ups. Alternatively please give a call to Bob Day 01494 712284.

Each year the Club run a number of competitions and in July invite 15 Clubs from around the County to compete for the “Holmer Green Masters Cup”.

Club successes include:
The Hazell’s Challenge Shield: Winners 1997 and 2007
The Triples KO Trophy: Winners 2002, 2004, 2005
The Summer League: Winners 2005